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Realize Your Investment Thesis

According to the Harvard Business Review, 70% to 90% of deals fail to achieve anticipated results. Our experts will help you maximize a successful outcome. Thoughtful planning and dedicated execution are only the beginning.

The Harvard Business Review study cited above is a reminder that the process is not easy. There is no guarantee of success. However, by adhering to the following steps, you can increase your chances of realizing your investment thesis.

Define your goals. What do you hope to achieve with the transaction? What are your valuation expectations? How does your business compare to the market and industry? Once your  objectives are clearly defined, you can start the process on either side of a deal.

Do your due diligence. Whether a buyer or seller it’s crucially important to conduct due diligence on the target or on your business. This includes analysis and confirmation of  company financials, details of the management team, and a review of strengths and risks of the company and industry. As a buyer, a clear and accurate understanding of the target business will facilitate negotiations and align with the investment strategy. As a seller, presentation of concise information to candidates can help achieve more value and likelihood of closing a deal.

Develop a post-transaction model. Before the transaction is complete, it’s important to have a plan for the future. Buyers should thoughtfully forecast anticipated performance with scenario testing integrating the two companies. This includes measuring synergies and expected growth consistent with the transaction objectives developed at the onset. In addition, any integration concerns should be addressed early on.

Lastly, build a communications plan. Buyers should be ready to inform the market and stakeholders about the transaction. The plan should include addressing employees, customers and suppliers as well as the market.

Transaction Consulting Services

Buy/Sell Side Advisory

Infinity provides transaction support from concept to closing. We provide individualized independent advice to assist our clients in strategic decision-making and drive value in all aspects of transactions. Our professionals bring experience gained from working on hundreds of corporate and private equity transactions, in numerous different capacities (investment banking, public accounting, business valuation, litigation support, consulting, and commercial banking) to help our clients navigate the complicated landscape of the acquisition or sale of a business. Examples of services provided are as follows:

  • Preparation of offering memorandums and related promotional materials

  • Market search for potential buyers

  • Assistance in structuring a definitive letter of intent

  • Assessing a targeted purchase price for a buyer or seller price

  • Assistance in reviewing the financial aspects of the transaction documents

  • Transaction due diligence and feasibility studies

  • Capital project planning and assessment

  • Financial modeling

  • Sell-side due diligence and sale preparation readiness

Due Diligence
Q of E (non-attest)

Infinity provides a range of specialty services to facilitate client decision making related to the quality of a target’s earnings on a non-attest basis including:

  • Revenue and customer concentration risk analysis

  • Supply chain risk analysis
  • DSO/DPO review

  • Accrual to cash reconciliation

  • Cash proof

  • Recurring revenue and contract assessments
  • Trend analysis
  • Working capital target determination
  • Add-backs and other adjustments to earnings
  • Analysis of forecast assumptions and credibility
Financial Modeling

For both buyers and sellers, understanding the future prospects of a business is critical. Infinity has worked on numerous projects to accurately construct valuation models to help in decision making and investment thesis development. Our services include: 

  • Revenue and earnings forecasts

  • Discounted cash flow models
  • Valuation sensitivity analysis

  • Scenario testing
  • Future contract value assessment
  • Exit analysis

Your Dedicated Deal Team

Infinity Advisory Services professionals deliver a variety of conflict-free services for business transactions. Our mission is to advise stakeholders on key deal points from developing an investment thesis to post-deal integration. Our team has worked with clients on several hundred transactions and has the discipline and expertise to manage the most sophisticated engagements at all stages of the deal cycle. Our foundations in business valuation, litigation and complex financial analysis add demonstrable value to our client’s transactions.

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